Pro-Death Hypocrisy in Montana

As the Billings (MT) Gazette reported, pro-life petitioners were kicked out of a local middle school polling station on Tuesday for campaigning and asking for signatures on a proposed statewide pro-life constitutional amendment.

School Principal Troy Zickefoose said the display was taken down because the students were asking questions about it. “It’s stuff we can’t even talk about in our curriculum,” he said. “If they only had clipboards and were only talking to adults, they could stand in the hall.”

Yet later in the article we find that:

Diane Wilkinson, one of the petitioners inside the school, said they were told to leave after a police officer said their display was a hazard. “For the last 20 years people have been allowed to stand there,” she said. “If it had been anyone else, no one would’ve said anything.”

The county attorney’s office responded that:

. . . all groups legally must be treated equally. Any polling place deciding to move petitioners outside must move all of them. Petitioners were also collecting signatures for several other ballot initiatives at polling places Tuesday.

Hmm, seems like the local middle school used it own students to hide their own pro-death hypocrisy, treating pro-life petitioners as trouble-makers who had no right to be there, when in fact they did. Administrators would do well to stop overstepping their given bounds and allow students and campaigners to exercise their free-speech rights, instead of resorting to kicking out campaigners and banning pro-life t-shirts.


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