The Team vs. The One

(Editor’s note: I don’t usually blog on basketball so much, but it is NBA Finals season. And I’m enjoying it.)

Here’s the deal Lakers fans: your ONE is getting beat by THE TEAM. I know, I know, I’ve balled with you out at the community center – you loooove Kobe. You love his game, you love his crunch-time scoring, you love his cocky attitude.

But guess what – basketball is a team game. It requires five players on the floor for each team, not just one. It’s not one-on-one. One-on-one is the game that players like Kobe made up to make themselves feel better because even though they have great skills, they keep losing five-on-five games.

Take tonight’s Game 4 for example: Lakers take big lead, Lakers loaf, Celtics’ superior team comes back and wins the game with defense, toughness, brains, and heart. They’re just the better team. They are simpler better, top to bottom, and they don’t have a team-killer like Mr. Bryant eating their own hearts out.

And just as much as KB24 is a basketball cancer, the Boston Celtics play as a team. They look for each other, they space the floor, they pass the ball around, they help each other off the floor, they celebrate together, they play defense and hit the deck together. They’re a team. I just love watching them play.

And if tonight’s game proved anything, it’s that the team will always beat the one. So all you young ballers out there, take note – play like the Celtics, not like Kobe.


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2 Responses to The Team vs. The One

  1. Robbie says:

    I’m a Laker fan who wholeheartedly admits that the better team won the finals and I admit that Kobe can be selfish and I also do not love his cocky attitude but I think he is an amazing player. It should be known that Kobe has three NBA titles so he doesn’t always lose and that the Celtics winning the title this year might’ve also had something to do with their starting three Hall of Famers who are still in their prime.

  2. B says:

    Yeah, I just don’t find anything to love in such a player, and I also think you’ll find that the better team won the finals because they play as a team. Game 6 was a perfect example – sure, Rondo had like six steals, but tons of other Celtics swarmed on defense and ran the floor. Every player that came into the game scored and busted their tails all over the court. THAT is team basketball.

    But thanks for writing, Robbie. I still love you, brother. We should go play some team basketball sometime (but no Kobe-ing).

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