Newton on Looking to Jesus

In a letter dated September 10, 1760, Puritan pastor John Netwon wrote to Miss Medhurst:

When heavy trials in life are appointed us, and we arc called to give up, or perhaps to pluck out, a right eye, it is an easy matter for a stander-by to say, “Be comforted;” and it is as useless as easy;–but a view of Jesus by faith comes home to the point.

He goes on to explain what he means by “a view of Jesus by faith”:

When we can fix our thoughts upon him, as laying aside all his honours, and submitting, for our sakes, to drink off the bitter cup of the wrath of God to the very dregs; and when we further consider, that he who thus suffered in our nature, who knows and sympathizes with all our weakness, is now the Supreme Disposer of all that concerns us, that he numbers the very hairs of our heads, appoints every trial we meet with in number, weight, and measure, and will suffer nothing to befall us but what shall contribute to our good;–this view, I say, is a medicine suited to the disease, and powerfully reconciles us unto every cross.

[P.S. Newton’s entire Works used to be available free from E-Sword, but it looks as though they’ve had to scale that project back a bit. If you would like to download their program and then drop me a comment, I can email you the file because it was free in the first place.]


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