Fathers, Provide Instruction “in the Lord”

Again from Driscoll’s Pastor Dad:

Instead of abusing children or abandoning them by failing to correct them, a godly father brings his children up with wise training and instruction in the Lord. The ancient Greeks who heard Paul’s words would have understood his language as referring to the total shaping of a person that includes their education, spirituality, work ethic, vocation, social skills, and so on.

Therefore, the father’s duty is to cultivate all aspects of his child to maturity in the Lord. Practically, this means that everything in the life of the child is ultimately the responsibility of the father. This is a particularly radical idea in our day, when more than one in three births are to unmarried women and more than one in three children do not live with their biological father . Because of the sins of failed fathers, the responsibility for raising children has increasingly fallen on government institutions.

One practical part of this cultivation is that a father needs to think through the education of his children and have a theology of childhood education. The first question a father must resolve is, what is the purpose of an education? Paul tells us that the goal is that the child would become mature “in the Lord,” and Proverbs teaches that the goal of all instruction must be a redeemed heart that fears the Lord. The second question is, which educational option will help cultivate my child in the Lord?

And later:

A wise father will not tuck his children away to be hidden and uninvolved in the life of his church and friends, but rather integrate them into the church community, developing friendships with people of all ages, thereby reinforcing his instruction as they see the benefits of wisdom in the lives of many people.

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