Hamilton on Bart Ehrman’s Revisionist Early Church History

SBTS Professor Jim Hamilton recently gave this lecture to his seminary, entitled, “The Orthodoxy of the Text of the New Testament: Reasserting the Obvious,” in which he debunks UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Ehrman‘s revisionist version of early church history found in his recent books, Misquoting Jesus and Jesus, Interrupted.

Hamilton helpfully outlines Ehrman’s approach to the history of the early church and their adoption of the New Testament, otherwise called canonization, and Ehrman’s strange, misconstrued methods of “research.”  Midway through, Hamilton explains the vast, immediate, and reliable nature of the New Testament manuscripts.  Later, he quotes Ehrman as saying that the apostles did not believe in orthodoxy the way it was later construed by the early church councils.

(On a funnier note, I find it amusing that Dr. Ehrman’s website calls him a “much sought-after speaker,” yet it lists only a half dozen speaking engagements in the next five months.  And three of those are at his own university!  So who exactly is seeking after him so “much”?  People that can’t contact him?)


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