Reasons Egalitarianism Damages the Gospel

Over at CBMW, T4G-er, board chairman, and PCA pastor J. Ligon Duncan explains why Together for the Gospel affirms complementarianism and denies egalitariansim.  Egalitarianism, he explains damages the church’s witness to the gospel in at least four key ways:

  1. The authority of Scripture – “The denial of complementarianism undermines the church’s practical embrace of the authority of Scripture.”
  2. The clarity of Scripture – “The church’s confidence in the clarity of Scripture is undermined, because if you can get egalitarianism from the Bible, you can get anything from the Bible.”
  3. Competing worldviews – Egalitarianism competes against (not works with) the biblical worldview, even so far as to lay the foundation for a pagan assault on monotheism.
  4. Christian discipleship and roles – “Christian discipleship is seriously damaged because there can be no talk of cultivating distinctively masculine Christian virtue or feminine Christian virtue.”

Much food for the thought of families and churches here.


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