Boys to Boys?

As a husband, father, church member, neighbor, and teacher, issues of manhood abound. (If that isn’t enough, those Acts 29 guys can’t stop talking about it! . . . But it is good to hear.) It can be as simple as whether or not I stop what I’m doing to help my wife with what she’s doing. It can get as complex as the psychological, spiritual, developmental, and emotional reasons that high school boys (who ought to be young men) are afraid to sing in front of their peers. It can go so far as to ruin companies, schools, families, and churches.

In the spirit of heart-checking and disciple-making, here are some of the signs of a boy who never learned to grow up:

  1. He thinks the world is there for his taking. Too many dudes walk around like everyone is supposed to revolve around them. This is a passive, childish philosophy clothed in an aggressive posture. It seeks to serve no one, help no one, and love no one.
  2. He hides behind games, sports, and activities.  Sports and activities are fine recreation, but a man who shows more passion for his hobbies than his family is no true man at all.
  3. He is unable to step up for hard tasks.  The grown boy can’t even do the dishes; how will he run a company!  He can’t even manage his room; how can he lead his family!  His mouth says, “I’m cool, I’m cool,” while his actions say, “I’m afraid, I’m afraid.”
  4. He is lukewarm toward Christ.  Since either passion for Christ or hatred toward Him would elicit marked responses from the people around him, the man-child prefers to keep his feelings for the Lord of the universe under a tight wrap.  He remains afraid to worship Jesus, afraid to pray deeply for his own salvation, afraid to lay his life down in service, and afraid to care about the things that really matter.
  5. He isn’t worth following.  When God arranged the world to run behind men, He did so with the standard of men who are worthy of following.  Sin changed all that.  Now all the Adams of the world prefer to stand around or boss around while the Eves do the real work.  Such things ought not be, yet this is exactly why we need the real man, the real God who came to earth, lived a perfect life as a servant-leader man, died for the sins of His people, and rose from the dead through His Father’s glory.

So, who’s reading now, boys or men?


About B Treece
loved by God before I ever loved Him, saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone by the authority of the Bible alone to the glory of God alone, made to enjoy Him forever, happily married with wonder-filled children.

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