Boys Don’t Get Jobs; Men Do

SBTS President and ultra-blogger Al Mohler reports on how advertising shows our culture’s trends are moving away from the androgynous, tight-jeans-wearing picture of man-boys to a “more masculine model of manhood,” possibly due to economic factors. A snippet:

Reporter Guy Trebay explains that advertisers have shifted their images of male identity from the “skinny skate-rat” of recent years to real and recognizable men… Images of skinny youths with slightly (or more than slightly) androgynous appearances have dominated. Trebay describes this pattern as “designer subversions of age and gender expectations.”

But now, a far more masculine and traditional model of manhood is showing up in advertisements and media images. [Magazine editor] Joe Levy . . . attributes the shift to economic factors. In other words, when unemployment threatens, skinny skate-rat images bring no comfort. Instead, men who look like they might actually hold a job are back in style.

You will love how Trebay describes the trajectory of the new man-in-demand: “You lose the T-shirt and the skateboard. You buy an interview suit and a package of Gillette Mach 3 blades. You grow up, in other words.”

This is what I tell my students every day.


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