Vocation: Your Delights to Change the World’s Pain

From World Mag’s interview with Culture Making‘s author, Andy Crouch:

Should Christians think differently about vocation than non-Christians?

For Christians it can’t just be a self-discovery process of “What are my deepest desires and how do I fulfill those?” Not instead of that, but in addition to that, we should ask, “Does this vocation take me to a place where the world is in pain?” Christian vocation takes us to a place where our work intersects with the brokenness of the world. That contrasts with the Kantian idea that your vocation is what you least like to do because God secretly hates you and is going to send you to do the thing you most dislike. I don’t think that’s right. God does call us to place our delights in the context of the cross and to delight in living where the world hurts.

HT: Hermonta


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