Killing the Unborn is Sine Qua Non of the US Government?

Sine qua non – Latin, “essential element”

In the midst of a giganto-huge federal deficit, an ongoing war in the Middle East, and a domestic depression that is costing an untold number of jobs, the President and the Democratic-majority Senate want to shut down the US government over . . . abortion.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) notes that, “The vast majority of Americans, whether they’re pro-life or not, don’t want their tax dollars to be used to take the lives of unborn children.” Apparently, President Obama and our Democratic Senators don’t care, and prefer to rather shut down the government than listen to the majority of their constituents. The President in particular has promises like these to keep.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser responds in this MSNBC article:

The President has singled out Planned Parenthood, a significant financial and political supporter for special attention and protection. It is extraordinary that the President sees federal funding for the nation’s number one abortion provider as more important than paychecks for federal workers and funding for our military. When is the question going to be asked of President Obama and Senator [Democratic Majority Leader] Harry Reid, ‘Why is it reasonable to shut down the government in order to protect Planned Parenthood?’ 

That’s such an excellent question, I’ll just reword it: Since when did killing unborn children become the sine qua non of the US government? Our President and Senators are willing to let their own workers to unpaid so that abortive mothers can kill their own children?

Of course, if you’ve followed the President’s and the Democratic Senators’ respective positions on these issues, none of this is a surprise.


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6 Responses to Killing the Unborn is Sine Qua Non of the US Government?

  1. Legal, Safe and Rare

    A fourteen-trillion deficit
    Is nothing at to sneer,
    But in these times of hope and change
    We think we’ve been austere.
    Another one-point-five-trillion
    And then we’ll start to pare:
    We want to keep our budget cuts
    All legal, safe and rare.

    We know the voters turned us out
    The last election day,
    And gave the House to radicals,
    Hell-bent on foul play.
    But voters took a different tack
    And did the Senate spare,
    So we just treat Republicans
    As legal, safe and rare.

    Though consequences are to flow
    Beyond the ballot box,
    In truth we don’t much give a damn
    For populi’s clear vox.
    So let those new House members
    Pass all the bills they dare;
    Their chances in the Upper House
    Are legal, safe and rare.

    And if the House’s budget cuts
    Are aimed at NPR,
    We’ll brand the cuts extremist hate;
    We’ll paint the cuts bizarre.
    And if Planned Parenthood should fall
    Into the budget snare,
    Abortion’s kept, we’ll say, by us
    As legal, safe and rare.

    Here’s hoping never comes the day
    The public starts to seek,
    The truth behind our fresh facade
    And media technique.
    For if they do we run the risk
    They may become aware:
    Few words can mask the truth as well
    As legal, safe and rare.

  2. B Treece says:

    Bard, thanks for the poetic addition to this post. It’s a true joy to read.

    For those of you who don’t know why he keeps repeating, “legal, safe, and rare,” just do a Google search on that phrase and abortion or check out this article (among others):

    Or this one more particularly about our President:


  3. little catholic bubble says:

    The battle over planned parenthood was never about abortion. It is already illegal to fund abortion using federal funds. Instead they use the federal funding to offer free cancer screenings, family planning, and birth control. It is a Republican tactic to shift the spotlight on abortion, meaning this percieved battle is all about politics. But remember that is not all that PPH offers, and that is not something that they use federal funds on. If you don’t like that they offer abortion services, that is fine, but don’t be dishonest about it.

    • B Treece says:


      Thanks for reading and dropping me a word or few. Yes, I’m aware that the Democrats say that “the battle over planned parenthood was never about abortion,” and I know that the Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions. The relevance of those points depends on how exactly one defines “money used for abortion.”

      We could talk about political tactics here and all that (I’m sure they apply), but here’s the issue: poison in the water.

      The water here is Planned Parenthood (a stab-to-the-brain name if I’ve ever heard one). The people considering drinking the water are you, me, the American populace, and our representatives. The poison is abortion.

      • If there’s poison in the water, we can’t drink it. Period. Why do we want poisoned water? Why do I even have to explain this?
      • If abortion is performed in PP offices, we can’t fund them. Period.
      • Since abortion is performed in PP, we can’t fund them. End of Story.

      Let’s put this another way: Planned Parenthood exists to kill children. Margaret Sanger began the American Birth Control League to kill “unfit” children.

      Do the research yourself. Go on Google Books and read Margaret Sanger’s articles. PP is a bastion of eugenics, genocide, discrimination, and death; and we can’t keep drinking their poison.

      because God (not Planned Eugenics) is the Author of life,

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