Twelve Analogies for the Unborn

Following up on my post from two years ago in which I gave “Ten Non-Analogies for the Unborn,” I’ll try to offer the other side of the coin.

Fighting for the rights of our unborn children is like:

  1. The strong protecting the weak. We know intuitively that the reason some people are strong in some areas and others weak is so that the strong will use their strength to help the weak. These children need our protection, and we can offer it.
  2. The loud speaking for the voiceless. Living adults have the loudest voice in America – the voice to vote and be heard across the nation. The unborn have no audible voice, and they need ours to save theirs.
  3. The rich helping the poor. We Americans like to think that we use our domestic advantages to help the less advantaged. So why not here? Living adults are rich in voice, in resources, in life while the unborn are comparatively poor.
  4. The hero saving the day. These little ones need saving, and they need millions of heroes to stand up for them.
  5. Parents doing what they’re supposed to do. Parents are created to care for children, not kill them. When a mother drives her children into a lake, we get up in an outrage. When a mother goes to Planned Parenthood, we say she’s courageous?
  6. The family taking a stand. As a country, we can’t say that we care about families while we slay our own children. Every person on earth was born into some sort of family, so we all have the same interest here.
  7. Loving others the way we love ourselves. No one wants to go through the pain of death, plus we were all once children. We have a connection with the unborn that is deeper than knowledge; it runs in blood and flesh and reality.
  8. Fighting for life over death. In the movies, in literature, and in life, we as a country applaud those who lay down their own rights and privileges in order to help others. Why not for the unborn?
  9. Fighting for women’s rights. The rights of unborn women, that is.
  10. Fighting for mothers’ honor. The honor of bearing children has lately been demeaned into pseudo-slavery (see Sanger’s quotes from earlier this week), but, as true mothers well know, it belongs in a place of high esteem.
  11. Good fighting evil. If the murder of the voiceless (Holocaust, racist injustice, abortion) isn’t evil, what is?
  12. Giving our own lives for another’s. Yes, fighting for life will be hard. But giving your life for another’s is worth far more than your time, attention, and resources. It’s worth your life.

About B Treece
loved by God before I ever loved Him, saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone by the authority of the Bible alone to the glory of God alone, made to enjoy Him forever, happily married with wonder-filled children.

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