Greg Gilbert on NOOMA

From the 9Marks blog 3 years ago, Greg Gilbert identifies the problems with Rob Bell’s NOOMA videos:

But the problem doesn’t end with incompleteness; it’s not just what is left unsaid. The concern is worse than that, because if you take the videos on their own terms, and if you take Bell’s presentation of the gospel at face value, what you end up with is actually something very different from biblical Christianity.

You end up with a “gospel” that misleads people about their relationship with God, is inexcusably unclear about the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and finally makes Christianity little more than a banal moral system that tells people to live in a certain way.

In retrospect, it’s not difficult to see how Bell developed into the controversial false teacher he is today.

HT: Tony Reinke at CJ Mahaney’s blog


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