Abortive Mothers, It’s Not About You

Last year a popular television show chronicled one high school student’s
struggle through the decision to have an abortion. She said things

  • “I can’t take care of a baby.”
  • “I have my whole life ahead of me.”
  • “I don’t want to have a baby and then resent it.”

And these statements, if cliched, at least are honest for many abortive mothers. Their decision is heartbreaking, intense, and painstaking. On their own terms, they agonize over killing their own unborn child. But, with reasons like this, it becomes clear that these mothers must do it. Why?

The key here (as always) is in the grammar. “I . . I . . . my . . . me . . . I . . . ” These are the words of an egocentric, megalomaniacal heart. The whole “Well, these mothers are the only ones who will look out for themselves,” the response that people well-trained in the Planned Parenthood way of thinking most often give, is   d e a d   wrong. By definition, mothers are meant to be focused on others, namely, their children.

That’s what it means to be a mother.

Mothers are meant to live to give, love to love, and sacrifice for the lives of their children. And before you label us “woman-haters,” pause and think of just how you would define a mother.

(For the record, fathers have the same other-centered calling, as do brothers and sisters to each other, children to their parents, and all every other type of relationship in family and society.)

So, abortive mothers, your decision to “abort” your child is not about you. It’s just not. Your life isn’t about you, and your motherhood certainly isn’t. If you think the world spins around you, you are universally mistaken.

We are meant to live for others, because a life focused on loving others is a full, happy life. It’s what God wants for us, and it is fulfilled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mothers, don’t be fooled into thinking your children are about you. Rather, your life is about them.


About B Treece
loved by God before I ever loved Him, saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone by the authority of the Bible alone to the glory of God alone, made to enjoy Him forever, happily married with wonder-filled children.

3 Responses to Abortive Mothers, It’s Not About You

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