Move Aside, Death

Studying Hebrews 11, I’ve noticed a theme. In verses 28-31, for instance, all of the writer’s examples have death either in the foreground or background:

  • By faith, Moses kept the bloody-sheep Passover, warding off the Destroyer.
  • By faith, the Hebrews escaped the Red Sea drowning that the Egyptians marched into.
  • By faith, the Hebrews felled Jericho’s walls and annihilated the city.
  • Rahab escaped this same Israeli destruction of Jericho because she trusted God when the spies had come.

So God sees a life of faith as one that rejects the world’s threatenings of mortality and lives in this life for the immortality of the next. Faith sees this world as a testing ground, a minefield of faithless possibilities and so a greenhouse for faithful, selfless, Christ-glorifying acts of hope and mercy, courage and love.

Because Jesus is risen, faith looks at death and says, “Move aside; I’ve got God’s things in mind.” It refuses to live on the world’s terms of material wealth, self-help, and self-love. It sees worldliness as the true death and physical death as the entrance into a thrilling eternity with Christ.


About B Treece
loved by God before I ever loved Him, saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone by the authority of the Bible alone to the glory of God alone, made to enjoy Him forever, happily married with wonder-filled children.

2 Responses to Move Aside, Death

  1. epochist says:

    I stumbled onto your blog and it is interesting because I read Philippians chapter 1 two nights ago and was gripped by the words of Paul – 2 phrases in particular: “to die is gain” and “I am hard pressed between the two [living and dying]”. So many of us are nowhere near thinking death is gain, nor are we “hard-pressed between the two” – we very much lean towards life-preservation.

    Good post.

    • B Treece says:


      Thanks for coming by, even if stumbling 😉 Yeah, this chapter reminds me a lot of Philippians 1, and it is especially convicting that, while the OT saints were tortured and refused their release to get a better resurrection, we can’t fathom the thought. That’s why we need the Word and the Spirit.

      Keep reading,


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