Missions for Maturity, Not Dependence

Pastor Doug Wilson, ruminating on Scripture and common observation to show why Christian missions to third-world countries should be “Fathers, Not Sugar Daddies“:

When someone is paid for being poor, it is often the case that they will do their job, and will work at being poor. When someone is paid for being entitled, then it is not surprising that they become indignant when someone points out they are feeling entitled. That’s their job.

He points out that this principle has very clear application to our own country’s welfare state as well.


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2 Responses to Missions for Maturity, Not Dependence

  1. gary says:

    Keller also points out (In Generous Justice, of course) how in the OT Law the giving/generosity was commanded through the context of work. Sheafs of grain were left in the field for the poor to gather. The edges of the field were not harvested so that the poor would do the work of harvesting. Thus, it supplies for the poor while giving them the dignity of work. I thought it was interesting…

  2. B Treece says:


    Yes, I haven’t posted on it or given it too much thought, but it seems that our generosity should be much in the context of *giving work,* not mainly giving handouts. Sadly, in our handout-driven, entitlement-minded culture, that seems like more hard work.


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