How to Kill Your Teachers While They Teach

[Disclaimer: This post is not meant to describe any particular school, past  or present, for whom I have worked. This is a compilation of various experiences at various schools, through my time as a student, teacher, administrator, coach, and observer. However, if the shoe fits, don’t blame the shoemaker.]

A handy checklist for administrators:

  1. Say that academics come first, but really place extracurriculars and appearances at #1 and #2, then put academics where it really belongs.
  2. Make dress code and cell phone infractions bigger deals than cheating and plagiarism.
  3. Prefer distant, “professional” teachers on video and internet to live, caring, but “boring” teachers you already have on staff. Encourage students to do the same.
  4. Talk a lot about academic rigor, but give in to parent, student, and extracurricular demands when the rubber of schoolwork meets the road of more important things.
  5. Have athletic, extracurricular, and non-education leaders oversee your academics, because that wouldn’t be a conflict of interest.
  6. When students are failing for lack of effort, ask your teachers to “dumb down” their material.
  7. When it comes to academics, only ask about student grades. Never be concerned with student learning.
  8. Do whatever is possible to stifle teacher creativity in the classroom. Stiffarm supplemental materials and creative projects. Stick to the publisher’s teacher guide.
  9. Pump up student scores for standardized tests, but for the rest of the school year make sure to emphasize everything but learning. Field trips, school pictures, plays, and basketball games will do the trick.
  10. Make curricular decisions for budgetary and appearance reasons. Don’t consider teacher strengths or student learning.

Do all of these things, academic administrators, and you’ll be sure to crush and eventually lose all of your best teachers and hire only the ones who will take your money for doing zero teaching.


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