Abortionist Dystopia: A Woman-less World?

Over at The American Interest, Walter Russell Mead concludes his recent blog on the uptick in gender-specific abortions with these observations:

It is ironic and distressing that the most immediate result of abortion, a practice often promoted by feminists for what they believe will be its positive effect on women’s lives, leads to the mass death of girls. One suspects that many of these gender-based abortions are forced on wives by husbands and relatives; it isn’t easy to hail the global triumph of feminism as abortion spreads.

This horrible practice is going to come back to haunt us. With so many more young males in the world unable to find wives and alienated from family life, prostitution and human trafficking, as well as increased crime and violence, will result. Is this really the kind of world we want to build?

Yes, and as Christians we must point out the fact that what feminists and other abortionists sow, they will reap.


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2 Responses to Abortionist Dystopia: A Woman-less World?

  1. ladyyaga says:

    Okay, but if abortion is outlawed, more women will die from unsafe abortions.

    • B Treece says:


      Thanks for coming by! I appreciate the thoughts and interaction – it’s too rare these days! Yes, you could certainly make the utilitarian argument that, if abortion is outlawed then women will only choose to have unsafe abortions.

      Leaving aside the fact that legal abortions are already unsafe (see recent story about woman dying or coming near death during an abortion), that argument falls apart at the seams when you consider the role of the government is to legislate morality. We wouldn’t make the same argument against banning murder, would we? “Oh, then people will only commit unsafe murders.”

      The issue is whether or not those children have the full rights that creation and the Constitution give to all human beings. Do they deserve our protection or not?

      Then, another issue is related. Let’s say that you’re right and more mothers would die from unsafe abortions. Does that mean that the mother’s life is more important than the child’s? If so, that alone directly contradicts everything a parent is supposed to stand for: providing for and protecting their own children, even at the cost of their own life.

      The law is meant to be a stark guideline between good and evil. And, if anything is evil, taking anyone’s life out of a selfish preference to dump off parental responsibility certainly is.

      Thanks again,

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