Popular Series

For Those Inclined to “Christian” Mysticism

  1. The False Gospel of Mysticism
  2. You Should Read the Whole Bible
  3. The Trinity is a Three-Unity
  4. The Red Letters Aren’t Better
  5. Dividing Up the Gospels
  6. Too Proud for the Word
  7. God is the Good Indoctrinator
  8. Doctrine-less Unity?
  9. Sorry, You’re Missing the Point

The Gospel vs. Legalism

  1. Jesus Taught Justification by Faith Alone
  2. Did Jesus Teach Justification by Works?
  3. What Preaching the Gospel Is, and Isn’t
  4. Matthew 23: More Reasons “Do Stuff” Isn’t the Gospel
  5. “Do Stuff” Isn’t the Gospel
  6. Drink Deeply of Jesus Christ
  7. Hate at the Bottom of Your Heart
  8. Opinions We Make Into Law
  9. Is Your Church Characterized by Commands or Christ?

God’s Wrath Magnifies His Grace

  1. I Hate Bible Cliches
  2. Abandon “God Loves the Sinner, but Hates the Sin”
  3. God Hates the Sinner, and Loves the Sinner

Biblical Manhood

  1. Lessons on Manhood from the NC Tornadoes
  2. Boys to Boys?
  3. Be a Better Man (to a friend on getting married)
  4. Fathers, Be Happy in the Lord

Fighting for Unborn Life

  1. Goodness Doesn’t Depend on Wanted-ness
  2. Letters from Margaret Sanger: the Truth about Planned Parenthood
  3. Poison in the Water
  4. Children are a Blessing, Not a Curse
  5. Killing the Unborn is the Sine Qua Non of the US Government?
  6. Twelve Analogies for the Unborn
  7. Ten Non-Analogies for the Unborn

Finding the Right Girl

  1. Part I: She Can’t Make You Happy
  2. Part II: She’s Not the Problem, You Are
  3. Part III: If You Have New Eyes . . .

Less is More for American Schools

  1. The Less is More Principle for Schools
  2. Part 2: The Word and the Family
  3. Dear American Schools, Less is More
  4. A Less is More Diagnostic for American Schools

Reading Literature with Christ at the Center

  1. Why Christians Can Read All Literature Well
  2. Why God Made Literature
  3. Enjoying Poetry as a Christian

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