Every Time Every Human Speaks

The times I’ve been charged with “teaching Christianity in a public school” make me laugh a little bit.

It’s as though administrators, principals, parents, and students think that Christians have some sort of other belief system, apart from their own, that is worthy of alienation. Of course, we know this is simply the world loving the darkness more than the light, because their deeds are evil (John 1). And we were once in the darkness, too.

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But the whole “stop talking about religion in public” is nonsense for another reason: every time every human being speaks, we are speaking our own belief system. For one person to tell another, “Don’t talk about your beliefs,” is to act like the speaker has no beliefs. But the truth is that we all speak our beliefs, every moment of every day.

To tell a Christian to drop the Bible is like telling a postmodern to stop speaking about scientism, neo-Marxism, or relativism. The postmodern literally cannot stop. It’s what she believes in.

We can talk about “separation of church and state” nonsense all day long, but it will never happen because it is a false dichotomy. Every time every human speaks, he speaks his worldview. Just be honest with each other, and lay those beliefs on the table.

Each of us has a belief system. None of them, on the basis of our own faith, is more or less true than another. In other words, nothing is absolutely true just because I believe it. Instead, all beliefs, and their systems, stand or fall based on their historical, internal, and supernatural veracity. And the Bible is the only one that passes any of the three (and all three at that!).

Thus, biblical faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only worldview that has full historical, internal, and supernatural truth. It stands beneath no other worldview, but it supreme above them all – because Jesus is supreme.

When we talk to those in the kingdom of the darkness, we must love them enough to care for their very souls. The first step is laying our beliefs on the table, explaining them, and asking the unbeliever to do the same. Only then can we have honest conversation that is out of the darkness and into the light.


The Circular Logic of Postmodern Critics

Modern and postmodern critics of the Bible often say things like this, “The Bible isn’t the Word of God. It can’t be – it was written by man. Man is bound to make mistakes; only God is perfect.”

So here’s the challenge, critics: how does your dictum of man’s fallacy apply to your own statement about God’s Word. If man is bound to make mistakes, how can you prove that your own statement isn’t one of those mistakes? If man isn’t perfectly trustworthy, how are you trustworthy on this point?

In this way, Christians ought to constantly turn the lies of postmodernity back on their propagators. How does your own statement of “there is no absolute truth” not apply to itself? Are you the only being able to make such an absolute statement? 

Surely not. Now the conversation can begin with substantial claims and counter-claims, not cheap one-offs meant to end the conversation.

The Bible claims to be the Word of God, start to finish. Let’s start there.

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